The Building A Better Central Oregon (BBCO) group on October 24, 2013 recognized Worthy’s commitment to conservation with the “Brewing New Opportunities.”

“We are extremely honored by the award,” beamed Chris Hodges, Worthy’s CEO. “We’re very happy to take a leadership role in implementing green technologies, as well as creating long term, sustainable jobs.”

The BBCO, which is composed of local chambers of commerce and realtors, has been presenting “Building a Better Central Oregon” awards for over 30 years. This year, in light of the crush of new breweries starting up between Sisters, Prineville, Redmond and Bend, the BBCO, decided to recognize the positive cultural, economic and architectural impact that breweries have in Central Oregon.

The BBCO was impressed with Worthy’s investment in green tech and sustainable practices, ranging from it’s vast array of solar panels to it’s re-use of “Cuckoo” wood salvaged from the Oregon State Insane Asylum. The group also noted Worthy’s interest in recycling it’s valuable brew house and kitchen waste streams with local ranchers and farmers, as well as the millions of dollars it has pumped into the local economy through the creation of construction, design, manufacturing and engineering jobs.

“We went green because it made sense to us ethically as well as financially, but it’s nice to be recognized,” said Hodge. “We’re enormously grateful for all the support we’ve had in the last 9 months since we opened. Our customers have been awesome and it’s been a pleasure working with local farmers and ranchers.” Hodge noted that as part of its quest to create a “Beertopia” in Central Oregon, Worthy recently ordered for it’s greenhouse a hydroponics system it will use this Winter to grow lettuce, cucumbers, herbs, tomatoes and possibly berries.

“We want to thank the BBCO group and all the other merchants who take pride in searching for and investing in sustainable and environmentally responsible practices as they start and grow their businesses,” said Hodge. “It’s a challenge, but its worth it.”