Even though the beer list has changed throughout the day and even as I type this it might be changing – we are shooting for 59 Oregon Fresh Hop Beers at this event and as of right now – 28 are different than the Hood River Hops Fest so the 5 people that were closest were Chris Shifman(6 over/under), Christopher Renning (12 over/under), Mike Perkins (18 over/under), Kenny Schmidt(18 over/under) and Sarah Craven(20 over/under).  Your tickets will be held at check in/will call and you can just show up on Friday or Saturday.  Beer list as of 09/30 at 6pm is at https://oregoncraftbeer.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Portland-Fresh-Hop-List-for-website.pdf

We are going to give away up 5 pairs of tickets to the Portland Fresh Hops Fest.

Just guess how many Oregon Fresh Hop Beers we have registered for the Portland Fresh Hop Fest (I’ll give you a hint – it will be the most of any Fresh Hop Fest, like last year) and how many different ones there will be than were at this past weekends Hood River Hops(in case you went to that event).  Write it as a fraction (Total number of beers at the Portland Fresh Hop Fest over / the number of different Oregon beers than were at Hood River Hops Fest) and post this fraction to our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Oregoncraftbeer or event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/466621850111780/.  We will run this as a Monday Funday special till 4pm.  At 4pm we will see how many people were correct, if any, the 5 closest to the actual number over or under for both parts of the fraction will win.  Check back later this evening to find out who won.