Oregon’s original farmhouse-style brewery, Portland’s Upright Brewing is preparing for their 2nd highly anticipated release of Special Herbs. Released in bottles this Thursday August 7th at the brewery tasting room only this Gin barrel-aged Gruit will be limited to 6 bottles per person and based on sales at the brewery may or may not be available in limited amounts at local bottleshops. This years Special Herbs, already an amalgamation of styles mixes in barrels once containing fruit lambic along with gin barrel aging and all the flavors those entail.

2014 Special Herbs Commercial Description:
Special Herbs began as an experiment years ago and has turned into one of our favorite releases of the year. This second batch was made much like the first, aging our lemongrass, orange peel, hyssop, and Sichuan peppered gruit recipe in two Ransom Old Tom Gin casks and two former Fantasia casks full of spent peaches carrying their own mix of years and bacteria, both contributing layers to this wild beer. A new addition for 2014 was blending in 12% fresh gruit which brought back some of the botanicals that faded during the aging, maintaining a crisp, bright profile.
Grains: organic pale, organic munich, rolled spelt
Yeast: house saison
Brewed: May 30th 2013, bottled on July 9th 2014
Total Yield: 2 kegs & 89 cases, 5.7% abv
Upright Special Herbs final