Artcos Winter Ale
22oz Bottles & Draft

PORTLAND, OREGON –Baerlic Brewing Co releases its newest seasonal beer, Arctos Winter Ale in Portland.

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Arctos Flavor Profile

  • 7.0% ABV
  • India Red Ale (IRA)
  • Exploding with spicy, piney & citrusy hop character
  • Sweet candied malts

As the sun begins to set earlier in the evenings and the air gets that Autumn chill, we embrace the exit of summer—if only for the darker and richer beers ahead. Arctos is designed to fill the void between those big and spiced winter ales of craft beer’s past and the old reliable West Coast IPA. A blend of toasted and crystal malts make for a full mouthfeel while loads of spicy and piney hop character balance a rich finish.

Winter beers are more tradition than style; more necessity than preference. They remind us that we are vulnerable to Mother Earth’s cycle and that the all mighty sun in the sky is the one really pulling the strings. And yet these beers give us their bounty, their fruit, and their love. They gift us the warmth we need to survive the vast darkness of winter…as we wait patiently for the song birds to sing.

Currently Available in 22oz bottles and draft in our taproom in SE Portland and at area retailers, bars and bottleshops. Ask for it at your favorite watering hole!