Sam Bond’s Brewing Company Opens Brewery and Tasting Room in the Historic Foundry Building

Sam Bond’s Garage announces the opening of its long awaited brewery and tasting room, Sam Bond’s Brewing Company located in the historic Foundry Building at 540 E. 8th Ave in Eugene. Officially now opened, with a Grand Opening Event planned for later in June, 2014, it’s just one of many great ventures to start out of a garage.

Owners Bart Caridio, Todd Davis, and Mark Jaeger opened Sam Bond’s Garage in the eclectic, historic Whiteaker neighborhood in 1995. While there was always the intention of opening a brewery, those dreams were set aside when the live music venue and busy restaurant and bar quickly encompassed all of the garage space, but the passion to brew great craft beer for the people of Eugene never died. Now, almost two decades later, along with long-time brewer and Sam Bond’s Brewing co-owner Jim Montgomery, the garage doors to the brewery are open for business. “We are lovers of great craft beer, and are excited to be a part of the revolution that is happening in the craft beer industry,” co-owner Mark Jaeger says.

The Foundry Building, which faces The Eugene Federal Building and Courthouse, is by contrast one of the oldest buildings in downtown Eugene. Established in 1895, it housed the Eugene Machine and Foundry Company for decades, manufacturing the city’s fire hydrants and manhole covers. The brewery owners wanted to bring life back to the historic building while honoring its past. Repurposed materials from the original structure are featured in the brew house, tasting room, and patio, truly paying homage to the Foundry’s well-worn bones. “The Foundry sits on a corner surrounded by new construction. It was important to us to revitalize this space and conserve its local heritage,” co-owner Todd Davis says. “By preserving this building it engages the past in a conversation with the present, connecting us as we move towards the future and there’s no better way to share that conversation than over a great craft beer.”

The brewery houses a 10 barrel state-of-the art system with plenty of space for future expansion. Staying true to its Oregon roots, all materials involved in the brewing process, including hops, malted barley, stainless steel tanks and kegs, are sourced along the Oregon I-5 corridor.

Sam Bond’s Brewing Company already has ten savory brews on tap; Indie Red Ale, Up Tempo Ale, Huakina New Zealand IPA, an IPA brewed with New Zealand hops, Renaissance Rye Ale, Instrumental IPA, an Oatmeal Stout, Sam I Am Beer, a light American amber ale, Dana’s Alt, a traditional German brown ale, a dark coffee Java Porter, and a summer session ale, Pre-Klassic Kölsch. These beers can currently be enjoyed on tap at Sam Bond’s Garage, the Tasting Room as well as other great restaurants and bars in Eugene, Springfield, and the Portland area. These brews will soon be joined by a NW style IPA featuring a strong citrus hops presence.

Montgomery, a chemical engineer turned brewer, brings over a dozen years of experience from brewing at McMenamin’s Crystal Ballroom, Portland Ale House in Valencia, Spain, and Trumer Pils in Berkeley, CA. He describes his style of brewing as very meticulous and is more focused on the craft involved than the volume of beer produced, “My passion is to make solid craft beers that everyone can enjoy.”

Sam Bond’s Brewing Company and Tasting Room
540 E. 8th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401