As we wrapped up the harvest season at Rogue Farms, the last of the crops to come in from the field just happen to be the ones that taught us our most valuable lessons of the year.

Lessons such as: don’t plant your corn before it’s picked, never turn your back on a jalapeño pepper, and how you can learn a lot about growing marionberries by growing hops.

Sometimes the lessons sting. Sometimes they’re humbling. But either way, they motivate us to try again, try harder and improve.

In this edition of the Rogue Farms Crop Report we’ll show you some of these lessons and what we did to get better. The results were outstanding. A beautiful bounty of corn, peppers and, coming next year, more marionberries.

Learning as we grow is what it’s all about. Because as we become better farmers, we also become better maltsters, roasters, smokers, brewers and distillers.

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