Base Camp Brewing Company teams up with Indie Hops and Oregon State University’s Hop Breeding Program to showcase some of the Willamette Valley’s most exciting experimental hop varietals.

PORTLAND, OR—The brewers at Base Camp Brewing Company have been busy. Over the last three months, this inner-southeast Portland brewhouse has turned out over a dozen batches of single-hopped craft beer, a late-hopped Helles-style lager, from their pilot brewery. Each of these beers features a different experimental hop varietal, developed by Oregon State University’s Hop Breeding Program and provided by Indie Hops. These protohop varietals are yet to be cultivated on a large scale, representing a segment of some of the Willamette Valley’s most promising future hops. “We feel incredibly lucky to have the chance to work with these hops years before they are commercially available,” says Base Camp’s head brewer, Paul Thurston, “and are stoked to share these flavors of the future with our region’s beer lovers!” Due to the small batch size of these exceptional beers, a limited number of tickets for admission to the Protohop Festival is available. For additional information, check out Base Camp’s website or Facebook page.