Portland, Oregon – In 2015, the Pink Boots Society established Big Boots Brew Day, an annual event that puts the fun in fundraising for the Pink Boots Scholarship Program. In honor of International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day, Pink Boots Society chapters, members, breweries and supporters don their brewing boots and brew a specific beer style at their brewery, brewpub or house for the benefit of the Pink Boots Society. This year Pink Boots Society’s Big Boots Brew Day takes place March 5th.

The mission of the Pink Boots Society is, “to empower women beer professionals to advance their careers in the beer
​ industry through​ ​​education,” which it accomplishes by providing professional training scholarships and seminars. Pink Boots Society’s Big Boots Brew Day fosters brewing collaborations among its members and supporters; it is also the nonprofit organization’s largest fundraiser. On March 5th, all participants will brew a batch of Gose
​ or alternative style of their choice. With over 2500 members in 25 countries, the variations are limitless!​

Inspired by the travels of six Pink Boots Members on an educational tour to Germany in October 2015, the designated beer style for 2016 is Gose (pronounced goes-uh), a sour and saline wheat ale a top-fermented wheat beer that originated in Goslar, Germany (and until recently, not often found outside of Germany). This refreshing style typically acquires its characteristic sourness through inoculation with lactobacillus bacteria after the boil. As not every brew team is prepared with a souring protocol, Pink Boots brew teams are encouraged to play with locally sourced ingredients and alternative recipes to impart their personal touch on each batch. Dominant flavors include lemon tartness, an herbal spiciness, and saltiness. The finish is dry and very crisp. Contributing brewing teams are encouraged to design a variation on the style better suited to their market, e.g., an Imperial Raspberry Gose.

Look for #BigBootsBrew social media throughout the day. Some will feature the brewing process, others related events. A few weeks later (late March, early April), the beer will be kegged, bottled, sold and enjoyed. Profits from Pink Boots Society Big Boots Brew Day, events and sales using the Pink Boots Society name or logo are donated to the Pink Boots Society.

All are welcome to participate in Big Brew Boots Day, especially women who work in the beer industry or who enjoy a good beer. Learn more about the Big Boots Brew Day on the Pink Boot Society website: http://pinkbootssociety.org/big-boots-brew/ for more information. To find the closest participating chapter near you, see http://pinkbootssociety.org/chapter-locator/.