We’ve had absolutely beautiful weather along the Oregon Coast this winter, but now the forecast is calling for rain. Pelican understands that for most Oregonians, reaching for an umbrella this season will not be the first choice for keeping dry. While being known as one of the wettest states in the union, Oregon’s population in general has an umbrella aversion. We’d rather be caught in a spring downpour holding a bottle of fresh and delicious India Pale Ale.

The brewers at Pelican Brewing Company have created this New-World IPA to have a clean, crisp, hop-forward character that resonates with the newness of springtime but adds a layer of warmth with a nice 7.4% alcohol by volume.

Umbrella India Pale Ale is brewed exclusively with Australian grown Ella Hops. The use of Ella hops offers an aroma that is filled with gooseberry and bright fruit. The fresh and zippy Ella hops are nicely balanced by a clean and light pale malt character. This single-hop IPA is the newest addition to the Pelican Seasonal line-up and is available now through the end of June in 12 oz. 6-packs, 22 oz. bottles, and draft.