Pelican Brewing Co. will be releasing the first of their Barrel-Aged beer series…Dry Fly Tsunami. Unbelievably rich and delicious, Dry Fly Tsunami is a magical elixir created by the combination of Pelican’s award-winning Tsunami Stout and barrels from Dry Fly Distilling that once matured their Washington Wheat Whiskey.

The dark roasted aroma of Tsunami stout is not lost in this pairing, only accentuated and balanced with notes of vanilla, oak, cinnamon and orange. The wheat whiskey kisses your taste buds while providing just the right amount of warmth. This full bodied beer offers a slightly dry espresso-like finish.

So come and have a pint with us when we release this beautiful beer. Whitney Burnside, Head Brewer at Pelican Pacific City, will speak about the making of this special beer and will pass around samples on Saturday February 8th at 4pm at the Brewpub in Pacific City and again at 5pm at the Tillamook Tap Room.

A special “shot & a pint” combo, including a pint of Dry Fly Tsunami as a pairing alongside a shot of Dry Fly Distilling’s Washington Wheat Whiskey will be available in Pacific City for as long as this special barrel-aged product lasts…. so head on out to Pacific City on February 8th and savor the flavors together!