Welcome. Welcome to a place where the water runs pure and clean, from snow-capped mountaintops through lush green valleys. A place where hops grow in such abundance, their harvest is celebrated each autumn by beer makers and beer lovers alike. A place with a metropolitan area that has more craft brewers per capita than any other place on earth. Is it a dream? No. It’s Oregon, home to Oregon Craft Beer. And we’ve been waiting for you. Here, we just expect beer to be better. After all, better is practically all we know. With the state enjoying some of the country’s earliest — dating back to the mid 1980s — and most liberal craft brewing laws, Oregon Craft Beer has become a part of the fabric that is our way of life. It’s not a beverage, it’s a lifestyle. Oregon is home to craft brewing pioneers such as Bridgeport Brewing, Widmer Brothers Brewing, McMenamins, Full Sail Brewing Co. and Deschutes Brewery. They blazed a trail to this beer-topia, leading to Oregon Craft Beer being the standard against which all other craft beers are measured. Those brave adventurers also enabled today’s new generation of craft brewers. Trained in the region’s larger craft breweries, they’re opening small, independent brew pubs and making unique, individualistic+ beers. Oregon is now home to more than 185 brewing companies operating more than 226 facilities in 71 cities dotting every region of the state. Oregon’s craft brewers adhere to a seasonal, farm-to-glass philosophy, and wide range of craft beer styles can be found on tap and in stores throughout the year. In fact, in the early days of craft brewing, Full Sail was the first craft brewery in the U.S. to bottle its beers, and now Oregon Craft Beer can be bought at retail around the world. But there likely is no place better to experience Oregon Craft Beer than right here in its home. There is certainly no shortage of opportunities – we communally celebrate our beer at events and festivals throughout the year, peaking each July — Oregon Craft Beer Month — with the Oregon Brewers Festival, attended by 80,000 of our closest friends. Really. It’s not a dream. It’s Oregon, and we invite you to join us in tapping into the lush life.