Ordnance Offers Contract Brewing Resource

Boardman, Oregon – Ordnance Brewing is on a fast growth plan yet despite it’s own brand goals, the brewery is offering up its 50 barrel brew system and currently unused capacity to support other growing breweries.

“We’ve installed a system that will take care of our needs for a number of years and during our growth we will have available capacity we can share with others,” noted Managing Partner, Craig Coleman. “We have a fifty barrel brew system, a range of fermenters (5-100 bbl, 2-100, bbl 2- 60 bbls, 2-30 bbl,) three brite tanks (2-100 bbl, 1-30 bbl) a centrifuge, six head Meheen, and a crew capable of brewing client recipes or developing recipes as requested.”

Ordnance Brewing is located in Boardman, Oregon at the Northern edge of the State and central to markets along the West Coast and East to the Rockies.

Breweries and brands in need of contract brewing should contact Dewey Weddington, Ordnance’s Director of Sales and Marketing to discuss needs and possibilities.

Learn more about Ordnance Brewint at www.ordnancebrewing.com.

Ordnance Brewing is an outlier brewery born of necessity in the arid Columbia Plateau where farming and a day of hard work is the norm. Located in Boardman, Oregon, Ordnance Brewing began operations in 2014 with a 7 barrel brewhouse and has recently expanded to a 50 barrel system to support growing distribution and long term plans. Currently, the brewery offers a set of five core beers including Kolsch, FMJ IPA (English Style), EOD IPA (Westcoast style), RX a Rye Extra Pale, a blueberry wheat called Bloops, and a series of limited edition beers. Seeking distribution both domestically and internationally, Ordnance Brewing is poised for steady growth and quality control.

For additional information contact Dewey Weddington at dewey@ordnancebrewing.com or 503-310-1988.