Announcing the
2018 Nano Beer Fest

April 27 th , 28 th and 29 th 2018
Friday, April 27 th 2pm – 10pm
Saturday, April 28 th 12pm – 10pm
Saturday, April 29 th 11am – 4pm
John’s Marketplace
3535 SW Multnomah Blvd, Portland, OR 97219
Ten years ago, Max’s Fanno Creek was looking to create an alternative event to the overcrowded festivals
that were focused mainly on well-known beers. With a desire to celebrate the smaller brewers from the
region, Nano Beer Fest was born. It gave Nano breweries a much-needed stage to show off their tiny batch
beer for the ever-growing craft beer scene in Portland!
Over the years, many breweries have come and gone, and a few have grown their companies from the
garage into thriving businesses. As part of the celebration of Nano Brewers and their successes, we’ve added
an alumni invitee to the fest starting last year. The 2018 alumni brewer will be Cider Riot!
The 2018 Nano Beer Fest will again feature 50+ beers, ciders and mead made by some of the most inventive
and newest members of the local craft industry! NBF focuses on Nano breweries that can be hard to find
around the region all brought together in one place.
Once again most of the brews will be poured by the brewers themselves. We will have knowledgeable
floater volunteers to fill in any gaps. The event will be held at John’s Marketplace, one of Portland’s finest
beer stores.
Individual participation cost is $20 for a keepsake logo glass and 10 beer tickets. 1 ticket will yield one 2oz
pour, 2 tickets a 4oz pour and 3 tickets will get a full pour (7oz). Additional tickets will be available for
purchase at $1.00 each.
There are advance ticket packages available through that will get attendees more
for their money: $20 for glass, and 15 tickets. Join us to celebrate (and meet) these rising stars!
For more information contact Brandon Mikel ( or 971-260- NANO (6266)