McMenamins Breweries-Wood-aged beer events & tastings

Old St. Francis School (Bend) • 10/30/2013

Whiskey Widow (Hogshead/American White Oak)

Cornelius Pass Roadhouse (Hillsboro) • 10/30/2013
The Widow Jäger (Jägermeister/American White Oak)

Halloween Trifecta at Kennedy School (Portland) • 10/31/2013
Whiskey Widow
The Black Spot
Whiskey Widow (2012)

Highland Brewpub (Gresham) • 10/31/2013
The Spooky Spider (Cabernet/French Oak)

Boone’s Ferry Autumn Ale Fest

at the Old Church & Brewery (Wilsonville) • 11/2/2013
Old Church’s Lord Of The Wood Imperial Pumpkin Ale (2012)
West Linn’s Chocolate Covered Cherry Brown (American Oak)

Old Church (Wilsonville) • 11/7/2013
Punk’d Pumpkin Stout (Hogshead Whiskey Barrel)

Old St. Francis School Birthday Party (Bend) • 11/8/2013
Rum Spun Widow (Three Rocks/French Oak)

Terminator’s 28th Birthday • 11/19/2013
Edgefield (Troutdale) • Cain & Abel
Bagdad Pub & Theater (Portland) • Cain & Abel
Ringlers/Crystal (Portland) • Barrel Fermented Terminator Tap Takeover
(4 wood-fermented variations)
Mall 205 (Portland) • Terminator (American Oak)
Old St. Francis School (Bend) • Whiskey Terminator (Hogshead/American White Oak)

Oak Hills Brewpub (Portland) • 11/20/2013
Rhino Stout (Hogshead/French Oak)
Roadhouse Invitational – Winter Warmers at

Cornelius Pass Roadhouse (Hillsboro) • 11/27/2013
Crystal Brewery’s Wee Heavy Strong Scotch Ale (Hogshead Whiskey Barrel)
Roseburg Station’s Black Hole Imperial Porter (Hogshead/American Oak)

Lighthouse Brewpub (Lincoln City) • 12/1/2013
Commodore’s Reserve Barleywine (Longshot Brandy/American Oak)

Holiday Ale Festival (Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland) • 12/4-12/8/2013
John Barleycorns • Mele Kalikimaka Imperial Coconut Stout (Hogshead Whiskey Barrel)

A Snowball’s Chance in Ale-at Thompson Brewery & Public House (Salem) • 12/6-12/8/2013

Thompson’s Rum Widow (Three Rocks/American Oak)
Thompson’s Red Riser (Monkey Puzzle/American Oak)
Roseburg Station’s Black Hole Imperial Porter (Hogshead/American Oak)

Roseburg Station (Roseburg) • 12/12/13
Black Hole Imperial Porter (Hogshead/American Oak)

McMenamins on the Columbia (Vancouver, WA) • 12/15/13
Quit Yer Barley Whinin’ (Hickory)

Murray & Allen (Beaverton) • 12/18/2013
Death Star Stout (Hogshead/French Oak)

Old St. Francis School (Bend) • 12/23/2013
Kris Kringle (Hogshead/American White Oak)