Worthy Brewing is pleased to introduce John Glick as our new CEO. John will be running the show, from beer sales to branding, from production to recipe development. He’ll also be overseeing operations at Worthy’s pub, as well as the new Taps & Tacos location in downtown Bend when it opens in June.

“We were looking for a leader with the honor and strength of a Beowulf and the charms and savvy of an Odysseus,” said Roger Worthington, the owner, who forgot to mention the beauty and loyalty of Penelope.

“John has all that and more. He’s a natural leader with that rare blend of wit, scrappiness and wonkiness. He can manhandle the spreadsheets in the morning, sell to our key accounts in the afternoon, and wax eloquently about what makes a beer great in the evenings. And in between all that he can motivate the team to play hard, have fun and win.”

John is a veteran of the beer industry, with over 25 years of experience. Most recently, John was the Vice President of Emerging Business for Craft Brew Alliance. In that role, John traveled the country scouting out regional breweries for purchase. He has a keen eye for value, a deft feel for culture and a deep appreciation for operational elegance.

“After a lifetime in the beer business, this is my dream job,” said Glick. “I’ve always wanted to run a craft brewery and Worthy is exactly what I was looking for. They’re an emerging brand with a unique story, a diverse portfolio of balanced beers, a can-do culture, and a first-class facility.”

Glick’s first order of business is to ramp up sales while also simplifying the brand message. “That’s not an easy thing to do when Worthy is involved in so many interesting projects, whether it’s hop breeding, edgy pilot brewing, the pursuit of green initiatives, or reverence for Mother Earth.”

Prior to his work as the Value Hunter in Chief at CBA, John was the VP of Supply Chain & Logistics at CBA, a job that sounds boring but deals with all the stuff that makes a company successful: forecasting, scheduling, purchasing and optimizing relations with wholesalers. He understands beer, beer people, and beer operations.

John’s career in the beer business began in the 1990s. He spent 19 years with Anheuser-Busch in St. Louis. He wore many hats for AB, including business development, wholesaler rapport, financial management, and brewery operations.

John holds an MBA in Operations and Corporate Finance from Indiana University and a BS in Industrial Engineering from Kettering University in Flint, MI.

In 2018, Glick will drive Worthy’s roll out of its podium worthy and delightfully terpelicious Strata IPA in 12-ounce cans, as well as HopStar XPA, an IPA that will feature an experimental hop variety or two. Worthy will also introduce a new hop-loving imperial IPA, which it will call “Hop-zentricity.”

When John is not doing beer stuff, he’s pumping iron, hiking mountains with his wife Cheryl, pondering the square root of pi and searching for the meaning of life.

About Worthy Brewing
Worthy Brewing, established in 2012, is located in Bend, Oregon. Worthy’s mission is to brew balanced beers in a sustainable manner using locally sourced ingredients, with particular attention to hops. Worthy’s vision is to showcase new hops which emerge from the OSU-Indie Hops breeding program, such as the multi-layered and terpelicious Strata cultivar. The brewery, restaurant and gardens are located on Bend’s Eastside, in a spot we call “Beertopia,” which includes a hop garden, the Al Haunold Greenhouse, The Drink Up Dream On sound stage, Hopservatory, Star Bar, Hop Mahal banquet hall, Beermuda Triangle, and Heart & Soul pilot brew system. Worthy’s packaged beer lineup includes Worthy IPA, Strata IPA, Lights Out Stout, Easy Day Kolsch, Kama Citrus IPA, Dark Muse Imperial Stout and Prefunk Session Ale.