There are intrinsic ties between great beer and great water, so raise a pint to The Freshwater Trust, our March Community Tap partner. We’re sending them 1% of pint sale proceeds from both pubs. We joined their Brewers Challenge to find ways to reduce water use and to support their conservation efforts.

This fantastic organization protects and restores freshwater ecosystems using science, technology and incentive-based solutions. They are pioneering the next generation of conservation by leveraging the best practices used by businesses and social sector organizations to restore the state of our natural resources. ​ ​

More Than $57,000 Donated!

In our last newsletter we mentioned raising $12, 275 cash for our 14 Community Tap partners. After taking a close look at the rest of our charitable programs, we donated more than $45,000 in beer, gift cards, and merchandise to 200 organizations in 2015. Combined with Community Tap, the value of HUB’s charitable donations are more than $57,600. We love using beer as a force for good in our communities, cheers!