IPA No. 2 is Harvester Brewing’s new, aggressively hoppy, IPA. It is a different turn for Harvester as it incorporates organic buckwheat in lieu of the chestnuts used in all of Harvester’s previous brews.

Harvester Brewing owner and head of R&D James Neumeister said, “We also decided to put all of the ‘hoppiest gluten-free beer’ claims to rest for now with this beer by using over a pound per BBL of high alpha acid Newports and bright, citrusy Crystal hops from the Willamette Valley.” The result is 90 IBUs of intense hoppy bitterness and a strong hop aroma loaded with grapefruit, pineapple, and lemongrass.

We’ll be having our IPA No. 2 Release Party at the brewery this Saturday, June 29th from 12 to 6pm. There will be a rare brewery-only opportunity to have some IPA No. 2 on draft as well as tastes and pours of our entire lineup.  90 IBU ~6.8% ABV

Bottles of IPA No. 2 will be rolling out to stores over the next couple weeks and will be available for purchase at our online store (http://store.harvesterbrewing.com/) this Thursday.