Harvester Brewing is pleased to announce the latest release out of their dedicated gluten-free brewery in the Experiment Ale series, an IPA and cider hybrid using fresh-squeezed apple must from Hood River, Ore.

James Neumeister, Director of Harvester Brewing’s R&D department, has been pressing cider with his family every Fall for as long as he can remember, and started intentionally fermenting hard cider to have on tap at home about 5 years ago. James explains, “While I always enjoyed the experimentation of making hard cider, I typically felt the final products were a bit lacking, and often found myself blending them with the beers I was making at home to add an extra dimension with a thick beer head and a bit of hoppiness.”

Apple IPA features the wonderful characteristics of a dry cider crossed with a classicly-hopped Northwest IPA. It starts with an IPA base brewed with buckwheat and chestnuts and kettle hopped with three large aroma additions of Centennial hops. We then add apple must to create a mixture of 51% IPA and 49% cider. The blend is fermented with an American ale yeast, and is finished by dry-hopping with 10 lbs. of Centennial hops.

Apple IPA is available on draft and in the bottle at the Harvester Brewing Taproom during regular business hours, Thursday through Sunday from 3 to 7. Bottles will roll out to store shelves starting next week, and are now available to order through Harvester’s online store.