Harvester Brewing Partnering with Bring on the Beer for Online Sales
At Harvester Brewing there are certain things we do very well. Most importantly, we work very hard to make excellent gluten-free beer. With the addition of our gastropub, we are now also working hard at making excellent gluten-free food. These tasks require a great deal of research, experimentation, and planning. We couldn’t be happier to be doing them, and we think we’re doing a pretty good job.

That being said, there are some things we don’t do quite so well, like running an online store. We spend most of our time producing and shipping out as much beer as possible, and with that kind of schedule, it’s hard to keep a regular inventory for our online store. Fortunately for all of you, that’s where Bring on the Beer comes in. Based in Happy Valley, Oregon, Bring on the Beer is an online store that specializes in the best craft beers of the Pacific Northwest.

You will still be able to buy beer from our online store through the rest of the month while we get the word out that we have put 100% of our support behind Bring on the Beer, but after that we’re shutting it down. We’re extremely excited because they will do a much better job than we ever did, and we can shift our focus back to what we’re actually good at: making beer.

Harvester beers are available online at: