SNOB 2018 Shirts – New as of 07/26/2018

We wanted to provide a way for those who really, really love Oregon Craft Beer to support the cause by joining the Oregon Brewers Guild as enthusiast members, and someone noticed that “Supporters of Native Oregon Beer” formed the nifty acronym, SNOB. Even though we’re not snobs. Perfectly clear, right?

An enthusiast membership is only $20, and members receive the following:

  • An official membership card (it just wouldn’t be official without a membership card)
  • A sharp 2017/18 Supporter of Native Oregon Beer t-shirt
  • An Oregon Brewers Guild sticker
  • A subscription to our e-mail newsletter
  • Invitations to exclusive meet-ups
  • Discount tickets to Oregon Craft Beer events
  • Complimentary 1-year subscription to Sip Northwest sent to the mailing address provided















Available in black/blue; iris/black, gravel/dark blue
Womens only available in black/blue and baby blue/black

Click here for sizing

How did you hear about SNOB?

Any special instructions?