Tick, Tick, Tick. It’s Time To Get Fresh IPA from Fort George

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The Northwest is a special place for craft beer enthusiasts and late summer is a very special season. Fresh hops are harvested only once a year – you can feel it when the air turns sticky. And at Fort George the moment those hops leave the bine, that brew clock for Fresh IPA starts ticking.

Logistically it takes the entire brewery to make Fresh IPA. Tanks need to be empty and waiting. All brewers are on standby, rested, and ready for around-the-clock brew cycles. The truck driver eagerly checks his phone for the call – the hops are being harvested. After a quick round-trip from Astoria to Woodburn, OR and back, the block oozes with the aroma of over a ton of wet Amarillos. Brewing non-stop until the tanks are filled, no hop is spared and no moment is wasted.

How Fresh is Fresh IPA?
Plucked from the fertile hop bines of the Willamette Valley, packed into the tanks at Fort George Brewery, and delivered to your local pubs and bottleshops all within a fortnight – Fresh IPA is as fresh as it gets. Brewed with wet Amarillos from Crosby Hop Farm, fresh hops mean bold and unblemished hop oils, the essence of the Pacific Northwest sealed into every can. When you break the seal you should expect pungent notes of orange and grapefruit. Pouring a pale yellow with delicate white lacing, Fresh IPA will envelope your tongue in a tangerine wave, calmly ebbing as you await that next sip.

Look for Fresh IPA in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho starting Thursday, September 15 th in 16-ounce 4-pack cans and on tap. 6.4% ABV – IBUs, who cares? Fort George is distributed exclusively in the Pacific Northwest. Drink fresh, do not age, and buy it quickly. This limited release won’t last long.

Media Contact: Brad Blaser – brad@fortgeorgebrewery.com