Falling Sky Brewing Earns BRING RE:think Business Certification
Falling Sky takes steps to reduce waste in Lane County

Eugene, OR – Falling Sky Brewing has been awarded certification from the BRING RE:think Business program for taking steps to reduce waste and save resources. Since early 2017 Falling Sky has been working one-on-one with a sustainability management expert to assess opportunities and make on-the-ground changes throughout its operations.

“RE:think helped us become more aware of ways we could lessen our environmental footprint and refine our waste management procedures, so we’re both saving money and taking better care of the environment, we’ll all drink to that! We are incredibly proud to be certified, we know our customers appreciate our commitment to the environment,” said co-owner, Rob Cohen.

Opened in January 2012, Falling Sky is a collaboration of makers, and operates a Home Brew Shop, Brewing House, Delicatessen, & Pizzeria all in Eugene, OR. It’s hard to know which is better, the beer or the food. For information contact Rob Cohen, co-owner, rob@fallingskybrewing.com

About BRING’s RE:think Business
BRING’s RE:think Business program offers Lane County businesses and organizations free, confidential advice on practical ways to minimize waste and save money. Since March 2010, the program has worked with more than 100 businesses. Since then, more than 50 businesses have received RE:think Certification for taking recommended actions to reduce waste in the workplace. For information, call 541-746-3023 or visit www.bringrecycling.org.

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Rob Cohen