2017 CTBB Beer List

2017 Cheers to Belgian Beers Beer List

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Brewery Beer Name Beer Style ABV Yeast Strain Beer Description
Agrarian Ales G Nome G Nectar Belgian Pale Ale 7.0% Imperial Gnome B45 While prepping the fields for spring, we had noticed tiny footprints leading towards the barn. Curiosity led us to follow the trail which led to the far side of the herb garden, where we found a group of Gnomes laying around and laughing in a patch of coriander. By their side sat tulips filled with an intriguing liquid. After a thimble size taste we found amazement in the gripping herbal essence. It was apparent that the Belgian yeast (la Chouffe) had faced the Challenger of a hop and won itself a golden Nugget delight. Perfect for fading away into the breeze of a warm summer day.
Alameda Brewing Co. Game of Gnomes Belgian-Style Pale 4.1% Imperial Gnome B45 Belgian Pale Dry Hopped with Saaz and Simcoe
Ambacht Brewing Matzobrau Special Dark Wheat Ale 7.0% Imperial Gnome B45 A dunkelweizen made with Gnome yeast and matzah
Back Pedal Brewing Co. Prismatic Passion Tart Saison with Passionfruit 6.6% Imperial Gnome B45 We took our award winning Prism Dry Hopped Saison and took it in a new tropical direction. A healthy addition of passionfruit adds a moderate amount of tartness, and Mosaic and Citra dry hops layer on the tropical fruit flavors.
Baerlic Brewing Co. Black with 2 Sugars Coffee Belgian Dark Strong 8.0% Imperial Gnome B45, Imperial Yeast Rustic B56 Belgian Dark Strong Ale brewed with cold-steeped roasted wheat and cold brew toddy coffee from our neighbors at Cellar Door Coffee.
Base Camp Brewing Co. Bad Dart Throw Black Tripel 9.5% Imperial Gnome B45 We wanted to make a tripel, but needed to make it dark. Perfect excuse to use one of our fave weird brewing ingredients– sinamar! All the great looks of a dark beer, without adding any unwanted roast or bitterness.
Bent Shovel Brewing Summer Delight Belgian-Style Blonde 6.1% Imperial Gnome B45 Delightful Belgian Blonde Ale.
Breakside Brewery Travis’s Tafelbier Biere de Table with Buckwheat and Green Peppercorn 4.7% Wyeast Trappist Style High Gravity 3787 Low ABV table beer with a kiss of green peppercorn and complex malt character from the use of toasted buckwheat.
Buoy Beer Co. Jean Claude Van Blanc Belgian-Style Golden Strong Ale 8.9% Imperial Gnome B45 Inspired in equal parts by Belgian Golden Strong ales and Belgian Strong Men this beer is a force to be reckoned with. We keep the color and the body light by utilizing Puffed Jasmine Rice, a touch of White Wheat followed up with pear juice and local honey during fermentation to aide in dryness and drinkability. Bright, effervescent, drinkable and dangerously strong.
Burnside Brewing Co. Yay-Sayer Saison French-Style Saison 6.9% Wyeast French Saison 3711 Glowing golden pour bursting with fruit aroma. Pineapple, subtle honey and spice, French Saison yeast for a crisp finish.
Cascade Brewing Co. Rollin’ with my Gnomies Belgian-Style IPA 6.0% Imperial Gnome B45 Golden Belgian-Style IPA brewed with Pacific Gem, Jarrylo, and Hüll Melon hops.
Commons Brewery Blackberry Saison Saison 6.5% Imperial Gnome B45 Tart, dry saison with a bright fruit profile from blackberries and the Gnome B45 yeast.
Craft Kitchen and Brewery C-Dub Belgian-Style Dubbel Ale 8.0% Wyeast Trappist Style High Gravity 3787 The Craft Dubbel is true to style of the Belgian Dubbel Ale. Malt forward, layers of dried fruit and molasses and notes of spice and clove.
Crux Fermentation Project In The Pocket Barrel-Aged Rustic Saison 9.9% House Belgian Red wine barrel-aged saison w/ brett.
Culmination Brewing Co. Pinot Evil II Tripel 9.5% Imperial Gnome B45 Barrel Aged Blended Trippel with wine grapes.
Deschutes Brewery – Portland Pub Death by Brunch Herb/Spiced Strong Gold 8.6% Imperial Gnome B45 A strong gold brewed and conditioned with Absinthe botanicals and spices.
Deschutes Brewery – Bend Pub Mango Lassi Gold Fruited Belgian-Style Blonde Ale 7.1% Imperial Gnome B45 Inspired by the Indian Mango Lassi and brewed with mango, salt and cardamom.
Double Mountain Brewery Sin Gnombre Belgian-Style Triple 8.6% Imperial Gnome B45 Golden blonde with hints of clove, banana finishes extra dry.
Ecliptic Brewing Belgian Bootes Ale Hoppy Strong Belgian Ale 8.2% Wyeast Farmhouse Ale 3726 Belgian Bootes Ale is a hoppy and strong, dark Belgian ale brewed with Sterling and Citra hops.
Ex Novo Brewing Are You Afraid of the Dark? Dark Fruited Saison 7.0% Blended House Saison Dark Saison fermented with boysenberries and black currants
Falling Sky Brewing Big Ripple Triple Belgian Tripel 7.8% Imperial Gnome B45 Springtime means it is time to hit the river! Time to go make some big ripples. Jump on into this Belgian Tripel, that has notes of banana, cloves and cinnamon.
Fat Head’s Brewery Zeus Juice Belgian Golden Strong 10.0% Imperial Gnome B45 A Belgian-style Golden Strong Ale with flavors of bubblegum, banana, and a slightly spicy phenolic finish.
Fort George Brewery The Wrong Country Belgian Pale Ale 5.0% Imperial Gnome B45 A balance of toasty and biscuity malt, herbs and spice from the hops, and a touch of phenols and fruity esters from the yeast. The Wrong County is named after a line from Michael Jackson’s (the beer writer, not the pop star) book “Great Beers of Belgium.”
Gigantic Brewing Co. The City Never Sleeps Imperial Black Saison 8.3% Imperial Gnome B45 From the deep dark recesses of our minds emerges this imperial black saison. A beer shrouded in mystery and depth of flavor. A night you will never forget.
Golden Valley Brewery Gnome Relic Belgian-Style Strong Dark Ale 8.7% Imperial Gnome B45 A blend of Old Relic Scotch Ale and Red Thistle ESB, fermented with Belgian yeast.
Green Dragon Brewing Drunken Minotaur Belgian-Style Dark Strong 9.0% Wyeast Trappist Style High Gravity 3787 We used Medusa’s head, all Belgian Pale malt, Hallertau, and Styrian Golding hops to bring down the Minotaur with this classic Belgian Dark Strong Ale. Cheers!
Grixsen Brewing Co. Le Moine Amer Belgian-Style Black IPA 5.4% Imperial Gnome B45 Belgian Black IPA has a roasty, Belgian character paired with fruity American hops.
Hopworks Urban Brewery Bee Here Now Strong Golden with Honey 9.5% Imperial Gnome B45 Golden Strong with honey, clover blossoms and rye malt.
Immersion Brewing Mighty Madi Belgian Style Golden Strong 8.1% Imperial Gnome B45 A light golden appearance, floral nose with pronounced fruity esters
Labrewatory Timehop 2: The Brussels Decision Belgian-Style IPA 7.2% Imperial Gnome B45 A Belgian-style IPA with generous amounts of Hull Melon, Vic’s Secret, and Mandarina hops.
Laurelwood Brewing Co. Stupid Dart Thrower Blonde 6.2% Imperial Gnome B45 Belgian Blonde brewed with coriander and sweet orange peel.
Leikam Brewing Little Heart Belgian-Style Dark Ale 5.8% Wyeast Belgian Strong Ale 1388 Two little breweries collaborated on this brew with organic barley and hops. We added hawthorn berries, known for their beneficial effects on the heart and to add a slight fruity note to the dark ale.
Little Beast Brewing Dutchy Fruited Belgian Dark Ale 6.0% Imperial Gnome B45 Dark Belgian ale with whole Montmorency cherries and cacao nibs.
Logsdon Farmhouse Ales Belgian Strong Dark Belgian-Style Strong Dark 8.0% Imperial Gnome B45 Rich and smooth with notes of toffee. Brewed with Franco Belges pilsner and Munich malts and liberty and X17 hops.
Lompoc Brewing The Laughing Gnome Light Belgian-Style Ale 5.1% Imperial Gnome B45 This light, copper colored Belgian style pale was brewed with the Imperial Gnome yeast strain producing nice phenolic characteristics that play well with the Crystal hops.
Lucky Labrador Brewing Co. Stroop There It Is Light Belgian-Style 5.6% Imperial Gnome B45 Our light belgian was brewed with 10 pounds of stroopwafels, providing a nice sweet cinnamon aroma.
Max’s Fanno Creek Brewpub Cherry Chucker Belgian Porter Fruited Belgian Porter 5.3% Imperial Gnome B45 A slighty sweet porter with a lot of roast flavor, a touch of smoke and tart cherries playing off the phenols from the Gnome yeast.
Mazama Brewing Hangin’ with my Gnomies Belgian-Style Golden Strong Ale 10.0% Imperial Gnome B45 With a deep golden hue and lacy white head, rose hip and apricot notes rise above the fruity nose of Mazama Brewing’s 10% ABV Belgian-style Golden Strong Ale. This boozy concoction features flavors of apricots, honey, and pear over a distinct white bread malty base. It is a great sipper best enjoyed hanging with your gnomies.
McMenamins Concordia Brewery Beware the Kludde Belgian Dark Strong Ale 8.8% Imperial Gnome B45 Straight from Belgian folklore, the Kludde is a creature who takes the shape of a monstrous black-winged dog. It’s credited with attacking weary travelers. This Belgian Dark Strong Ale is no less formidable! This is a very rich and complex Belgian. It’s smooth and dangerous, and the perfect complement to the Belgian beast of legend.
McMenamins Crystal Brewery Guld Chainz Belgian Golden Strong Ale 9.3% Imperial Gnome B45 The Crystal Ballroom Brewery brings you a light-bodied, floral and complex Belgian Strong Golden Ale. With the power of a Strong Ale, the fruity and spicy aromas from Belgian yeast, and the soft, subtle texture of Pilsen Malt, you’ll be flossin’ with a glass of this liquid gold at your side.
Migration Brewing Co. Quinn and Juice Belgian-Style Strong Pale 9.2% Imperial Gnome B45 An Old Tom Gin barrel fermented Belgian Strong Pale, brewed with Amarillo hops, sweet orange peel and rosemary. Layers of sweet citrus, spice and dry finish.
Montavilla Brew Works Doobie Dubbel Belgian-Style Dubbel 7.3% Imperial Triple Double B48 Traditional Abbey-style Dubbel with aromas of brown sugar, dates and spice. Very digestible.
Mt Tabor Brewing Co. Attack of the Gnomes Belgian Dark Strong 8.0% Imperial Gnome B45 Full bodied with rich complexity of toffee and caramel with sweet dark fruit notes like raisins and plums. Smooth with a delicate hop finish.
Oakshire Brewing Dark Farmhouse Ale Dark Saison 6.5% Imperial Yeast Rustic B56 Dark saison style ale brewed with pilsner, wheat, and debittered black malt. Hopped with Hallertau and Czech Saaz. Fermented with Imperial Yeast’s Rustic Saison strain.
Occidental Brewing Co. De Trage Gnoom Belgian Tripel 8.0% Imperial Gnome B45 Traditional Belgian-style triple. Bright with a classic ester profile.
Old Market Pub and Brewery Grip Lock Belgian Blonde Belgian-Style Blonde 5.8% Imperial Gnome B45 A drinkable, refreshing Belgian Blonde ale. Brewed with superior pilsen malt and a touch of flaked barley. Single hopped with Czech saaz.
Old Town Brewing Co. Pepper Me Guava Fruit & Spice Belgian-Style Tripel 7.0% Imperial Gnome B45 This tripel went on vacation in Central America and India to pick up some souvenirs you can taste. The pink guava provides a unique bouquet of tropical fragrance and a succulent sweetness but the peppercorns finish the beer with a slight peppery sensation.
Ordnance Brewing Ode to the Old Gnome Golden Strong Ale 11.3% Imperial Gnome B45 Mandarina Bravaria Dry Hopped Golden Strong
Oregon City Brewing Co. Floodwater Belgian IPA Belgian IPA 6.5% Imperial Gnome B45 Belgian IPA made with Belma and Crystal hops.
pFriem Family Brewers Abrikoos Lambic-Inspired Ale with Apricots 5.4% Brettanomyces, Lactic Bacterial Culture We use 2.7 pounds of fresh apricots per gallon of our Lambic-inspired Ale, to make pFriem Abrikoos. That may sound like a lot, but once you taste the pungent aromas of sweet dried apricots, grape, and cantaloupe and tart and tangy notes of baked lemons, pineapple nectar and canned peaches, we think you’ll agree, it’s just right.
PINTS Brewing Co. Carribean Queen Belgian-Style Amber 7.2% Imperial Gnome B45 A combination of European malts gives the Queen her rich maltiness and regal color. Azacca (named for the Haitian god of agriculture) and Ella (she’s a mild-mannered queen) are the hops providing the tropical aromas and flavors.
Planktown Brewing Co. Om Gnome Belgian-Style Amber 5.9% Imperial Gnome B45 An array of malts and a restrained use of hops highlights the yeast character.
Portland Brewing Co. Fuzzface Peach Wit 5.0% Imperial Gnome B45 Light wheat beer fermented with peaches.
Ram Restaurant & Brewery Gnome de Plume Belgian-Style Dubbel 7.0% Imperial Gnome B45 A delicious Belgian Dubbel with rich caramel, tofee & cocoa malt character, balanced with peach, apricot & spicy esters derived from the Gnome yeast strain.
Rock Bottom Brewery The 4th Dimension Belgian-Style Quadrupel 11.3% Imperial Gnome B45 Figs, raisins, spicy coriander and black pepper, orange zest, bubblegum, banana, and a floral finish
Rogue Ales Dark and Swarmy Belgian-Style Dark Strong 9.0% Imperial Gnome B45 Inspired by the Hopyard Honeybees we keep on Rogue Farms to pollinate our fruits and botanicals, we brewed a traditional Belgian Dark Strong and added honey in a Rogue twist. Featuring a moderate hop bitterness and spicy, piney notes imparted by the Rogue Farms Newport hops, the complexity of Dark and Swarmy is bolstered by a subtle honey sweetness and peppery yeast characteristics.
Royale Brewing Co. Tuplet Belgian Tripel 8.2% Imperial Gnome B45 Belgian Tripel with elderflower and orange zest. Light biscuit and mild Belgian ester.
Sasquatch Brewing Co. Barbarella Rhubarb Belgian 5.7% Imperial Gnome B45 20 lbs of fresh Organic Rhubarb. Spicy clove and crisp rhubarb tartnes are softened by malty, bready flavors.
Scout Beer Should I Stay or Should Eggo Dark Strong 11.0% Imperial Gnome B45 Belgian waffle beer made with maple syrup and real Belgian waffles in the mash.
Sedition Brewing Co. Gnome Mercy Belgian-Style Dubbel Red 7.0% Imperial Gnome B45 Rich, malty aromas of toffee and dark fruit, with a complimentary spicy and fruity yeast profile.
Solera Brewery Soundgarden Gnome Sour Hibiscus 6.3% Imperial Gnome B45 Super juicy and “Superungnome”. Brewed with German pils, Canadian wheat, 5 strains of lactobacillus, Imperial Gnome yeast and organic hibiscus flowers. No fruit & no hops.
Stickmen Brewing Co. Nuit de Mûre Belgian Blackberry Stout 7.7% Imperial Gnome B45 A big dark robust stout fermented with blackberries. Subdued Belgian character and a fruity finish.
StormBreaker Brewing Kumite IPA Belgian-Style IPA 7.0% Imperial Gnome B45 How does one prepare for hand to hand combat with Chong Li? You don’t. But Frank Dux had a strict diet of IPA. He required one with tangerine citrus and tropical aromas reminiscent of pineapple, with a hint of pine. This is that IPA. You should still avoid Chong Li.
Sunriver Brewing Co. Raging Willie Belgian-style Quad 10.6% Imperial Gnome B45 Our Belgian-style Quadrupel ale is loaded with complex, fruity flavors. Raisins, dates and plums dance around with sugary-caramel and spicy alcohol notes. This strong, dark ale is lightly hopped, rich and malty sweet.
The Horn Brewery and Public House Walvis Bruin Belgian Style Brown Ale 3.8% Imperial Gnome B45 Flavorful easy-drinking Brown Ale
Three Mugs Brewing Co. Lewd Garden Dude Belgian Dark Strong on Oak with Vanilla 9.5% Imperial Gnome B45 Cockle warming, dark and malty, with oak characteristics and hints of vanilla
Thunder Island Brewing Co. Gnome de Plum Belgian-Style Dark Strong 12.2% Imperial Gnome B45 A robust Belgian Dark Ale bursting with notes of caramel, fig and roasted malt. The addition of plums that have been soured with Lactobacillus rounds out the flavor profile with bright fruit and balanced acidity.
Two Kilts Brewing Co. Going Gnome Belgian-Style Pale 5.2% Imperial Gnome B45 A well balanced Belgian pale ale with a nice hop flavor and aroma.
Unicorn Brewing Co. Unicorns Seeing Double Belgian-Style Golden Double 8.0% Imperial Gnome B45 Golden Belgian double brewed with German and Belgian grains, El Dorado and Lemon Drop hops.
Upright Brewing & Level Beer Phantom Wizards Barrel-Aged Saison 7.3% Wyeast Bière de Garde 3725 Spelt saison aged in auxerrois barrel
Uptown Brewing Geliefd Belgian Dark Strong 11.3% Imperial Gnome B45 Dark fruit notes permeate in aroma and flavor. A touch sweet, and a touch hot on the alcohol this Belgian Dark Strong delivers a full bodied, slow drinking punch.
Vagabond Brewing Wyld Stallyon Belgian-Style Dark Ale 5.5% Imperial Gnome B45 Our take on a Belgian Pale with a twist.
Widmer Brothers Brewing Garde of the Garden Biere de Garde 6.8% Imperial Gnome B45 A spring Biere de Garde (Biere de Printemps), light and refreshing, amber in color with plenty of hop flavors and aromas from a generous amount of Brewers Gold hops.
Wild Ride Brewing Belgian Cloak Dark Strong Ale Belgian Dark Strong Ale 8.8% Imperial Gnome B45 Belgian Cloak is brewed with premium malts to give layers of complexity to the beer. Flavors of toffee, raison, and chocolate are experienced from the malt, while the Gnome Belgian yeast strain compliments the malt bill in spectacular fashion. This yeast adds notes of clover, banana and nutmeg to this already flavorful beer.
Wolf Tree Brewery The Belgian Dip Belgian Dark Strong 10.5% Imperial Gnome B45 A classic Belgian Dark Strong. Complex, sweet and fruity malty characters with a light hop finish. This easy drinking, smooth ale is deceivingly strong with an ABV of 10.5%.
Worthy Brewing Cherry Card-a-bomb! “Session” Dubbel 5.5% Imperial Gnome B45 Like a Belgian-style Dubbel without the alcohol, additionally aged on cherries and cardamom for an added twist. Just like a cherry card-a-bomb of flavor on your palate!
Yachats Brewing Blackberry Sour Blackberry Sour 6.1% Imperial Gnome B45, House Lacto This beer was fermented with lactobacillus, gnome yeast, and blackberries. Tart with a rich blackberry aroma, and finishes smooth.
Zoiglhaus Brewing Co. Ella and the Boyz II Belgian Pale with Fruit 6.6% Imperial Gnome B45 The Gnome yeast strain from Imperial Organic Yeast is the chosen strain for Cheers to Belgian Beers this year. We used it here for the stone fruit and light spiciness it brings to the American and German malts we used for this brew. Ella and Mosaic hops in the kettle and during dry hopping infuse the beer with tropical notes. The purple color comes from the 42 lbs of Boysenberry puree we added during the dry hopping.

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