Ashland, OR 2-22-16 • Caldera is happy to announce the release of three new 22 oz bottles. Bourbon Barrel Aged Mogli®, Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Growth Imperial Stout® and Toasted Coconut Chocolate Porter. Hologram labels accentuate the new beers brewed and bottled by Caldera.

Three 22s
Bourbon Barrel Aged Mogli® is a Chocolate Imperial Porter that is conditioned on oak spirals soaked in Makers Mark, then aged in Kentucky Heaven Hill bourbon barrels. This beer is chocolate and bourbon forward and very complex. 8.5% Alcohol by Volume.

Bourbon Barrel Old Growth® Imperial Stout is a behemoth of all Imperial Stouts. If you can see light through this rich black stout, then something is wrong. Aged in Kentucky Heaven Hill bourbon barrels, this imperial stout imparts flavors and aromas of vanilla, brewers
licorice, charred American White Oak and bourbon. 8.8% Alcohol by Volume.

Toasted Coconut Chocolate Porter is a Robust Porter incorporating in house toasted coconut chips and natural liquid chocolate. Super smooth and flavorful, this dark porter is a dessert in a glass. One of Caldera’s top selling beers and comes in at 6.2% Alcohol by Volume.