Portland & Milwaukie, Oregon based Breakside Brewery is pleased to announce their latest draft only seasonal – Suburban Farmhouse Ale. Harkening back to the American brewing traditions of the 90’s and inspired by afternoons spent at barbecues in the immaculately manicured backyards of Suburban America. This fresh copper hued ale is a classic simple, refreshing example of suburban ale.

Traditionally, Suburban Ales were brewed in garages and backyards in urban middle-class neighborhoods of America. These beers were born out of expendable income and free time as good commercial beer was readily available and affordable. Our rendition was developed in the spirit of that noble tradition. The beer pours with a copper hue and an aroma of freshly mown grass and old copies of Willamette Week Beer Guides. The Breakside Brewery is located in Portland and Milwaukie, Oregon. We are inspired by Affluent American tradition and imported ingredients.

Suburban Farmhouse Ale is a Copper-colored saison made with the Australian Topaz hop. Flavor- and aroma-wise it shows strong notes of white pepper, apricot, sea breeze, gooseberry, and forest air. This dry beer is scarily drinkable despite it’s relatively high alcohol of 7.3%.

Suggested Food Pairings:
Suburban-style saisons make a wonderful accompaniment to many foods, as they have a beautiful balance of dryness, natural acid, and gentle yeast aromatics. Breakside recommends pairing this beer with a wide range of dishes, including takeout pizza or any dish from the neighborhood association’s annual potluck.

Suburban Farmhouse will be released to the Oregon and Washington beer markets beginning Feb 12 and will be available in 50L and 1/6 bbl formats. This is a limited-availability beer, as there is only enough being sent out into the trade to last until early March. It is available for purchase through Breakside’s distributors including –Maletis Beverage. Look for this beer at specialty beer bars, growler fill stations, and bottle shops. The beer will also be available on draft at both Breakside’s Dekum and Milwaukie locations.
Suburban Farmhouse Ale