Portland & Milwaukie, Oregon’s Breakside Brewery has a new barrel-aged beer up their sleeves called Bon Vivant, the latest in the rare limited edition reserve bottlings. This latest creation is a Dry-Hopped Belgian Golden Ale aged in barrels previously filled with Pinot Noir to yield a beer full of pungent fruity hop flavor and aroma and notes of Belgian and wild funky yeasts, cherry, oak and cola. Bon Vivant will begin shipping to retailers this week in Oregon, Washington and Colorado with 22oz bottles for $13 each and just a few kegs for Breakside’s taproom and brewpub.

In time for fall, we present Bon Vivant, a beer that celebrates two of Oregon’s great autumn crops: hops and grapes. We filled old Pinot Noir barrels from Archery Summit Winery with a hoppy Belgian golden ale and aged it for six months. The barrels contribute notes of light cherry, acidity, oak, and cola; mean- while the hops are Comet and Amarillo, varietals prized for their pungency and fruitiness. Together they harmonize beautifully with the yeast and malt character of the base beer.

A Bon Vivant is not only someone who relishes the luxuries of life– a good beer, a great wine, a delicious meal–but who also loves sharing those luxuries with friends. We hope that you’ll embrace that gregarious spirit as you enjoy this rare beer. Cheers!

8.4% ABV
25 IBU
Malts: Two Row, Wheat, Acidulated, Light Munich
Hops: Comet, Amarillo

Suggested Food Pairings:
Mussels in herb and cream sauce, Shell pasta in clam and cauliflower sauce, Roast mushrooms with parmesan and garlic, Classic seafood paella, Pork chops with anchovies and sage, Shrimp with garlic fried rice.