PORTLAND, OREGON – Saturday, April 23rd is Baerlic Brewing’s 1st Annual Reinheitsge-Not Beer Fest. We’ll be Celebrating Ingredient Freedom with 13+ Northwest breweries! Urban German will be slinging brats and our friend DJ Short Change will be laying down the tunes.

Reinheitsgebot? More like Reinheitsge-Not!
April 23, 2016 marks the 500 year anniversary of The German Beer Purity Law of 1516. Also called the Reinheitsgebot, this law states that beer can ONLY be made from Water, Barley, Hops and Yeast. But that’s just boring! So Baerlic Brewing pulled together some of their favorite brewery friends in the Northwest to celebrate the world’s oldest beer rules by brewing beers that break them. Come drink beers brewed beyond Water, Malt Hops and Yeast! Let’s Celebrate Ingredient Freedom!

Day-of Event Details:
Baerlic Brewing Company
Saturday, April 23 2016
$20 includes Souvenir Glass and 8 taster tickets. 21 and up, please and thanks!
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The Beers and the Breweries
(full list live at baerlicbrewing.com/events)

Baerlic Brewing Company
Nice & Easy Gose with Damiana Flower
Pale Ale with Rosemary

StormBreaker Brewing
Schwarzbier with Coffee

Hopworks Urban Brewery
Smoked Dopplebock with Cherries

Gigantic Brewing Company
Superbad Imperial Stout with Coffee

Breakside Brewery
English Golden Ale with Lemon and Earl Grey Tea

Occidental Brewing Co.
Mexican Lager with Flaked Corn

Ground Breaker Brewing
German Style Hefe w/ Quinoa

Coalition Brewing Co.
Smokin’ Reds Saison with Smoked Cranberries and brown sugar

Ex Novo Brewing Co.
Respect Your Elders Kolsch with Elderflower

Fat Head’s Brewery:
Goggle Fogger Hefeweizen with Grapefruit

Laurelwood Brewing Co.
Dry Hopped American Wheat Beer with oats, triticale and rye

Migration Brewing
Barrel Aged Frankie Claus with French Chocolate

and more…