Baerlic Brewing Company’s WoodWorker Holiday Market
Celebrating all things inspired, made & evolving from wood

On Saturday, December 3rd starting at 11am is Baerlic’s WoodWorker Holiday Market, a celebration of all things inspired, made and evolving from nature’s most honest material—wood.

Shop furniture to housewares; syrups to aged cheeses; jewelry to pizza; coffee to beer, wood inspires scores of artisan makers in and around Portland. This is a celebration of them and we hope you’ll join us this year.

Day-of Event Details:
Baerlic Brewing Co & Taproom in SE Portland
Saturday, Dec 3rd
Food: Yes! Ash WoodFired Pizza providing lunch & dinner
Kids: Yes! All ages are welcome
More Details: www.woodworkermarketpdx.com or on Facebook

17 wood artisan vendors: 33 Books Co, 7023 Drums, Ash WoodFired Pizza, Barnwell Co., Bengston WoodWorks, Blue Spruce Toolworks, Briar Rose Creamery, Forest Found Handmade, Fraga Farms Wreaths, Greenstate Sugaring, OakOpeners.com, Papa Don’s Toys, This Fine Day, Tiff_Wood, Water Avenue Coffee, Wolf Apothecary, and Xylem Jewelry.


Every winter Baerlic Brewing Co. brews our Old Blood & Guts American Barleywine and stows it away in bourbon barrels long enough to create a symmetry and interconnectedness among the beer and wood itself. This working of the wood, the evolution of liquid and solid, is the foundation for our ongoing WoodWorker Beer Series and the inspiration for The WoodWorker Holiday Market.