The 2016 KLCC Microbrew Fest Homebrew Competition is rapidly coming upon us! The festival is Feb 12 & 13th this year, and the deadline for submitting beers to the homebrew competition is Feb 5th. Last year we had about 180 entries and we managed to get through all of them in one day of judging due to great turnout of quality, experienced judges, such as yourselves. We expect the same (or greater) number of entries for this year’s competition, and we hope you will join us in evaluating them!

Judging will again be held in the Ninkasi Admin Building at 155 Blair Blvd in Eugene thanks to Ninkasi’s generosity. We will be judging primarily on Feb 6th, from 9 am until 3 or 4ish, depending on how things shake out. If we still have beer to judge after that, we will finish off the judging on Monday, Feb 8th, also at the Ninkasi Admin building, starting around 5:30. Falling Sky will be donating a catered lunch for the 6th. If any of you want to take the train or bus here, we can probably arrange pick-up and drop-off when you need it.

So now for what is new! First and most importantly, this years competition will be judged using the brand new ***2015 BJCP Style Guidelines*** (which can be found in the usual place, Please take some time to review the style guidelines prior to showing up, as there are many new styles and significant changes in the organization of previous styles. Secondly, we are using the website to manage the competition this year. It is a web-based software that will greatly speed up the report of results to entrants and the crediting of points for judges.

Here is the link to register for judging and/or entering the competition

If you have ever used Reggie before, just enter in your name and it will automatically pull up all your details and BJCP number if you have one. If not, then setting up a new account is very easy and it will save your info for any future competitions that you enter and/or judge. There are 3 judging sessions that I entered into the system. Please select all sessions that you might be available for. People are of course welcome to just show up, but using the system will help us organizers and ensure that you get credit for your help!

2016/02/06 09:00 Saturday Morning at Ninkasi Admin Building
2016/02/06 13:00 Saturday Afternoon at Ninkasi Admin Building
2016/02/08 17:30 Only If Necessary!!! Monday Session at Ninkasi Admin Building

Please feel free to email Jason Carriere with any questions.