3-Way IPA Summer 2016

A Fort George, Barley Brown’s, and Melvin Brewing Collaboration

Throwin’ down the truth about 3-Way IPA 2016, straight from the OGs in charge – Chris
Nemlowill at Fort George, Tyler Brown of Barley Brown’s Beer, and Jeremy Tofte from
Melvin Brewing (with translations for the non-brewers).

Chris Nemlowill: “Straight up, mad props for your hops. If your kettles had kicks, they’d dunk on Motumbo.”
Jeremy Tofte: “Word. All your ickies are stickies and your drank is
Tyler Brown: “My Brewers! Bring it in.”

3-Way IPA is a collaboration based on mutual admiration. It’s a chance to share ideas
and techniques with some of the world’s finest IPA brewers. Ultimately that knowledge
is utilized in the brewing process and refined over the course of extensive beta batch testing. Four test batches were brewed this year, each with subtle changes to
ingredients, amounts, and timing of additions.

Tyler: “Shoot for 7.4?”
Chris: “7.3 ABV works for me.”
Jeremy: “7 point 35, right down the middle. Call it a sessionizzle.”
Tyler: “Fo shizzle.”

With the grain bill the goal was to produce an ultra-pale color, creating a simple yet solid canvas for maximum hop expression. 2-row barley is the base with additions of Pilsner, C15, and wheat (although Carapils was used in one test batch). A lower than average mash temp decreased the amount of residual sugar. This allowed the beer to have sweetness derived from the hop character rather than the malt. Astoria’s slow sand-filtered water is ideal for brewing. This was enhanced with gypsum and calcium chloride to decrease the mash PH and improve hop utilization.

Jeremy: “Mo’ hops, mo’ money.”
Chris: “Long as my pint is phat, I don’t give a f*** where my IBUs at.”
Tyler: “I feel ya. Make the beer, don’t let the beer make you.”

Hop additions were as follows:
1st – Apollo hops for bittering – a high alpha hop that tends to exude grapefruit notes and contributes to an elaborate citrus character as it interacts with the aroma hops.
2nd – Simcoe, and a lot of it. This addition is 2x the quantity of the 1st addition.
3rd – Simcoe, Citra, and Mosaic, added later than the average 3rd addition to decrease bittering and magnify the pleasant citrus character.
Dry Hopping – Double dry-hopped with Galaxy, Mosaic, and Citra. These hop additions
create peach, pineapple, and grapefruit taste and aroma. The second dry hop addition
is roused with CO2 to boost the hop efficacy.

Jeremy: “We cool?”
Chris: “Keepin’ it real.”
Tyler: “One love.”
3-Way IPA is an unfiltered beer, pale in appearance, combining a balanced juicy body,
superb lacing, and every citrus fruit aroma you can imagine. Give your beer its props -keep it cold-stored and drink fresh.

Look for Fort George 3-Way IPA in 16-ounce four-packs and draft starting the week of
June 13 th and throughout the summer. Fort George beer is distributed exclusively in the Pacific Northwest. For a preview join Chris, Tyler, and Jeremy at the following release parties:
Fort George, Barley Brown’s, and Melvin Brewing
Portland, Oregon – Friday June 10th – 5pm to 9pm
White Owl Social Club – 1305 SE 8th Ave
Live music from Brass Monkeys – no cover