With summer’s arrival we’ve decided to initiate our 2nd annual “100 Days of Hefe” event series here in Oregon. Once again Widmer Brothers has planned more than 100 local events from the end of May through Labor Day Weekend celebrating our brewery’s flagship beer, Hefe, and giving fans multiple opportunities to meet members of the brewing team and brewery co-founders Kurt and Rob Widmer throughout the summer. Oh, and we’ll be giving away an awesome black and yellow Hefe bike every single day at each event!
This year we’ve partnered with the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA), a local non-profit that works to promote bicycling and improve bicycling conditions in Oregon. We’ll plan to raffle off one Hefe-branded yellow and black city cruiser bike at each event. Our goal is to raise at least $100 per event, to donate a total of $10,000 to the BTA at the end of the summer.
“100 Days of Hefe” kicks off Thursday, May 28, 2015, at the Dublin Pub, the birthplace of Widmer Brothers Hefe in 1986. Rob Widmer will be in attendance at the kick-off event starting at 3:00 p.m. Patrons are encouraged to join him, share a pint of the Original American Hefeweizen, and enter to win the first of 100 bikes this summer.
Check out the complete list of events below! As always, for a complete listing of places serving Widmer Brothers beer in Oregon and around the country, please visit our beer finder.
1 Malone’s Ale House 6-8pm
2 Pete’s Lair 6-8pm
3 Hot Seat 6-8pm
4 Boiler Room Hefe-aroke 9-11pm
5 Rose and Thistle 6-8pm
6 Pre-Timbers Game at the Kingston
7 Widmer Brothers Pub Party 1-3pm
8 Big Al’s Bowling Competition 6-8pm
9 Bradfords 6-8pm
10 Epic Vancouver Pub Crawl 6-10pm
11 Gator’s Pub 6-8pm
12 Gemini 6-8pm
13 Horse Brass 7-9pm
14 On Deck 4-6pm
15 Tigard Bowl 6-8pm
16 Highland Stillhouse 6-8pm
17 Mojave Grill and Cantina 6-8pm
18 Jolly Roger 6-8pm
19 Wooden Chicken 6-8pm
20 Timbers Game-Goose Hollow
21 Coyote’s 5-7pm
22 Billy Blues 6-8pm
23 A & L Tavern 6-8pm
24 The Pit Stop 6-8pm
25 Pizza Roma 6-8pm
26 Hood River Pub Crawl 6-10pm
27 The Dalles Pub Crawl 2-6pm
28 Pre-Timbers Game at Cheerful Bullpen
29 Malones 6-8pm
30 Kenton Station 6-8pm
1 Icehouse 6-8pm
2 Cheerful Tortoise 6-8pm
3 Big Al’s Wing Competition
4 Portland Sports Bar 6-8pm
5 Timbers Game-Marathon
6 Stagecoach 6-8pm
7 Pub 181 6-8pm
8 Pizza Mia 6-8pm
9 Blitz 99w 6-8pm
10 McCools 6-8pm
11 Helvettia Tavern 2-5pm
12 Garage Bar 4-6pm
13 Bullwinkle’s 6-8pm
14 Skybox Pub 6-8pm
15 Scooter Mccuades 7-9pm
16 Joe’s Saloon 6-8pm
17 Portland Spirit 4-6pm
18 Timbers Game-Blitz Pearl
19 Sextant 4-6pm
20 Twilight Room 6-8pm
21 McGillacudy’s 6-8pm
22 Irish Town 6-8pm & Wichita Pub 6-8pm
23 Wild Hare 6-8pm
24 Henry’s 7-9pm
25 Jay’s Bar 5-7pm
26 Bleachers Bar and Grill 4-6pm
27 Kellog Bowl 6-8pm
28 Coaches Bar and Grill 6-8pm
29 The Scoreboard Bar 6-8pm
30 Calamity Jay’s 6-8pm & Duke’s Line Dancing 7-9pm
31 On Deck #2 6-8pm
1 Shanahan’s 5-7pm
2 Radio Room 4-6pm
3 Front Row 6-8pm
4 Brickyard Tavern 6-8pm
5 Hotlips on Sandy 6-8pm
6 Pour Sports 6-8pm
7 Timbers Game-Nob Hill
8 No Place Saloon 6-8pm
9 Bucket Brigade 4-6pm
10 Spud Monkey 5-7pm
11 Charlie’s 6-8pm
12 Montevilla Station 6-8pm
13 Dave and Buster’s 6-8pm
14 Sports Page 6-8pm
15 Estacadia Pub Crawl 5-9pm & Skyland Pub 6-8pm
16 The Fields 3-5pm
17 Pub 212 6-8pm
18 Island Café 6-8pm
19 The Station 6-8pm
20 Longview Pub Crawl 5-9pm & Wankers 6-8pm
21 Pre-Timbers Game at Yurs
22 Thatcher’s 6-8pm
23 Backroads Pub 6-8pm
24 Claudia’s 6-8pm
25 Joe’s Cellar 6-8pm
26 Rialto 6-8pm
27 Hooter’s 6-8pm
28 Bushwackers 6-8pm
29 The Deck 3-5pm
30 Dublin Down 5-7pm
31 Silver Dollar Pizza 6-8pm
1 Venture Inn 6-8pm
2 Suki’s 6-8pm
3 Buffalo Gap 6-8pm
4 Widmer Brothers Pub All day and night