Brewer/Cellar Position at Crux Fermentation Project

As a Brewer, your primary role will be the operation and upkeep of equipment, and maintaining quality control throughout all aspects of the Brewing and Cellar processes.



Experimental Head Brewer at Labrewatory

Labrewatory located in Portland Oregon is hiring a non-production brewer, creator, innovator, educator willing to mix it up, push limits, and collaborate. You will be working with a team of dedicated craft beer enthusiasts for Portland Kettle Works and our company owned brewery the Labrewatory. The position includes national and international travel, collaborating with our supply partners to develop new methods, processes and equipment that drive change and improvement in the craft beer industry.


Applicants can apply directly to

Thad Fisco

Brewer at Oakshire Brewing


Beer Quest Walking Tours – Tour Operations Manager


Tour Operations Manager
Part-Time Position | 12 – 16 Hours per Week

Owner | Founder

$18 – $22 per Hour (based on experience)

Our Quest | A unique craft beer experience
BeerQuest Walking Tours aims to provide the most exciting entertainment while exploring Portland’s best pubs and breweries on foot. Whether guests are on vacation exploring a new city or are on a staycation hoping to shake things up at home, we lead the way in tasting vibrant, award-winning beer and sharing riveting storytelling.

The Tour Operations Manager will oversee all tour and office operations for our small and growing walking tour agency. The role will be lead customer service and business representative. Job duties include expertise in systems creation and development to help increase the overall success of the company.

We are seeking a fun, dynamic, and professional personality to manage our business operations as well as lead 1+ tours per week. This position allows you to work remotely (from home).

Duties | Responsibilities

Customer Service | Relationship Management [60%]

  • Provide exceptional customer service for all tours and business operations
  • Communicate daily with prospective customers, guests, and partnering pubs/breweries via phone and email
  • Solve any post-tour issues with guests, partnering establishments, tour guides, etc.

Office & Tour Operations [40%]

  • Lead 1+ tour per week and act as a lead backup tour guide
  • Remotely manage a team of 4+ tour guides via phone, email, and in-person
    • Recruit, interview, hire, and train new tour guides
    • Run monthly staff meetings
    • Plan quarterly employee wellness events
  • Maintain office operations and procedures
    • Payroll, Tour Supplies, Vendor & Partner Relations, scheduling etc.
  • Manage tour calendar including booking private tours
  • Coordinate with partnering pub destinations about upcoming tours and guest numbers
  • Help improve guest experience on existing tours (Haunted Pub, Criminal Masterminds, Brewery Tour: Old Town District, Private Beer & Board Games)

Potential Growth Opportunities

Our goal is to hire someone who will eventually take on more responsibilities and have a growing role in the company. Additional duties may include:

  • Assist and coordinate existing marketing efforts
    • Distribute online and physical marketing promotion (flyers, etc.)
    • Research and implement new marketing campaigns to increase guest bookings
  • Manage website and social media platforms
  • Create new office systems and workflow organization processes
    • Input customer data, financial information, timecards, etc.
  • Create and develop new craft beer experiences in Portland, Oregon
    • Research history and information for tour content
    • Build, maintain, and enhance existing and new relationships with pub destination contacts
    • Negotiate rates, discounts and cost with vendors
  • Create new and maintain existing relationships with local organizations, hotels, companies, etc. in the tourism and beer industry
    • Attend networking events and tourism industry events

Requirements | Qualifications

  • Passion for history, ghosts, beer, and the craft beer industry
  • Knowledge of brewing and beer-making process
  • Technologically proficient (ability to use Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Docs, etc.)
  • General knowledge of downtown Portland
  • Strong verbal and written communication
  • Exceptional organizational skills
  • 2+ years experience in customer service
  • Experience in public speaking and working with large groups
  • Self starter and ability to take initiative to accomplish tasks
  • Office management and event planning experience desirable
  • Must be available to work weekends, holidays, and evenings
  • Long-term outlook and interest in growing with our company

It’s also helpful to have:

  • Cicerone Certification
  • OLCC Alcohol Service Permit
  • Knowledge of Portland’s local history

This position requires you to own a mobile phone and have daily access to reliable internet via laptop or desktop.

  • Ability to receive daily phone calls
  • Ability to access reliable internet and check email daily

Part-time position, starting at 12-16 hours per week. The ideal candidate would be interested in growing with the company and eventually taking on more responsibilities and additional hours.

$18 – $22 per hour, depending on experience.

To Apply
To apply, please email and explain why you want to join the BeerQuest Walking Tours’ team. Include a cover letter, resume, and three professional references.

Write “[Your full name] |[Your favorite beer] | TOUR OPERATIONS MANAGER” in the subject of the email.